Is weight loss plateau normal after gastric sleeve?

Many people are concerned about what the scale shows them and this is especially true for people determined to lose weight, be that by any weight loss program and method available. This is no different in case of weight loss surgeries. Checking your weight  becomes part of a daily routine and every change that you see is either makes you excited or freaks you out. In case of weight loss surgery such as the gastric sleeve procedure the initial rate at which you lose weight can be quite spectacular. Losing between 5 to 10 lbs a week is not uncommon after gastric sleeve surgery. You’ll be following a very strict diet after surgery which will only include fluids and mashed foods. Why is this required? First let’s see what the gastric sleeve procedure is about and you’ll immediately understand the need for a specific diet.

During gastric sleeve surgery a large part of the stomach is removed, usually up to 70%, leaving a newly created “gastric sleeve” that is able to hold a limited amount of food. Usually the procedure is performed using laparoscopy, with relatively short recovery periods and can be performed in a outpatient facility.  More information about gastrtic sleeve surgery can be found here . The special liquid diet in the days following the surgery is required to allow the stomach to heal properly. Dieting after gastric sleeve surgery, however does not stop there, and it should be part of a new lifestyle which include paying special attention to eat healthy foods, to the amount of food eaten and combining it regular exercise. If you follow the dietitian’s and doctors recommendations weight loss after the first month of surgery will be quite spectacular, but hitting a weight loss plateau is not something out of the question or uncommon. Observing that you did not lost weight in the past week might come as quite a shock, especially when you were used to losing around 4 to 7 lbs a week. This might make you nervous or fill you in with regrets, but there is no need to panic. Hitting a weight loss plateau after the gastric sleeve surgery is normal as in any other weight loss method. You’re body is adapting to changes and this is part of it and eventually you’ll start losing weight again. When you hit a plateau a good thing is to reevaluate your current diet and exercise program. Adding a few extra minutes of exercise might be just the one thing required to push you over the weight loss plateau. The majority of weight loss clinics will have a dietitian to help you plan your diet after gastric sleeve surgery in the first place and asking a professional to help you reevaluate your diet and suggest changes to overcome the plateau is worth considering.

Don’t panic when you’re weight loss stalls after having gastric sleeve surgery, it is normal. All you need to do is reevaluate your diet, crank up the exercise and eventually you’ll be back on track on achieving your ideal weight.


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